Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Lovely Welcome Home

So, I just got back to Brooklyn after a lovely holiday spent with family in Metuchen NJ and Kenilworth NJ. Highlights: a new dig cam, a very sweet but chubby beagle more affectionate than the last time I was home, giving presents, waking up late every day, delicious food, and some really nice family bonding time...
So, I was lucky enough to get a ride back from Rebecca and her mom, which I was so thankful for because I lugged a whole new set of items back to Brooklyn. So, here it is, just after 11am on Sunday, the 28th of December, and everything is already put away, and it feel good.

While I was putting the last things away, I heard outside several blue jays making a ruckus. I peeked out the window, and the sight was simply incredible. To me, the bird lover, anyway. I spotted 4 blue jays, all screaming at this one mockingbird, who I guess had crossed into their territory, I don't know. So, I felt bad for this mockingbird, then all of a sudden, another mockingbird came to his aid in a nearby branch. Then a few sparrows flew over and perched in a nearby tree. And then a beautiful male cardinal flew down to a branch near the mockingbirds, and hung out with the bullied bird for about 5 minutes. After a time, the blue jays quieted down and became distracted by other things, but I just thought it was an incredible sight, and a great welcome home to Brooklyn.

And since I do call this blog Right Out My Window, I thought it'd be an appropriate story to share.

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