Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I've been up to..

So, of course, it's been awhile.
That's how we do.

Anyway, I got into grad school, and also applied to Grad School..Brooklyn College. I think I will change my major, which apparently, I can do very easily. Booyah. Now no matter what I'm doing next year, I'll be doing something...

I'm getting the summer window boxes started. Pansies, Juliet Grape and Orange Pixie Large Cherry tomatoes, Globe Amaranth, loose leaf red lettuces, spinach seeds started. Thyme, Parsley, Strawberry, and Pansy transplanted from last year's boxes.

I cleaned out my out pots today. 1 part bleach, 10 parts water. Definitely a chore.

I ordered a grow light after feeling like I couldn't wait for Rob to build me one, and apparently, it was delivered March 5th, but I haven't seen seeds could really use the light. So, another's on the way... I'm excited to have one year already under my belt with these boxes, I have an idea of what works and what doesn't, and I got started pretty much on time for the May 15th frost-free date. This year you can expect: an herb box, an edible flowers box, a vegetable box and either(!) another vegetable box or an ornamental, butterfly attracting (hopefully) flower box.

The internet is being fussy as usual, but I was going to post a picture of the cake that Jen made in honor of Abe a few weeks ago. It was the cake his wife, Mary Todd, made for him and apparently, it sealed the deal for Abe, except vegan-ized. And let me tell you. That cake worked like a charm. I fell in love with Jen every time I tasted it. It is the most amazing cake I've ever had, and you know, I'm more of a chips than cake kinda gal.