Sunday, June 22, 2008

Report on the Solstice, and summer.

June 21, 2008 was a marathon of a day that rewarded me with a similar kind of satisfaction that I would think a marathon finisher would feel. The original plan was a bike ride down to Coney Island, but when only one friend could go (Thanks again Andrew) I realized it wasn't going to be what I envisioned and decided to instead go with Anne, Matt and their friends to sunrise yoga at Fort Greene Park. It was really nice, a small group of friends, and I think I like yoga, just maybe not as much as pilates..anyway, we meditated too, and I was really surprised with the fact that I could do it. I'm so fidgety. I did get cold and changed positions a little, but the time went really fast, and the chanting was pretty cool. (I'm not usually into the chants)
So, then I biked home, changed my clothes, chatted with Kevin who was going to a wedding but kept saying "funeral"..and biked over to Dubsburg to see Kathy, then tried to go to the Built By Wendy store because I wanted to buy a really good item of clothing, but it wasn't open yet. So, I walked over to American Apparel, and bought a romper! And a shirt dress in a size smaller than I usually get at American Apparel, which kinda scared me, because I don't know how long this skinny thing going on with me will last (but freak, I feel little, and I wonder if my head looks big like Nicole Richie's-I hate super skinny celebs)...anyway, Devon said she'd take it if it doesn't work out. So then I biked home, changed out of my jeans because it had gotten hot, and biked over to therapy, and that was fine, and then biked over to Blue Sky to see a MIss Devon Kelley-Yurdin, maybe for the last time there. Ate some delicious yummies, then biked to Fort Greene Park and sat and chatted, then biked to Devon's for a bit with Caitlin, then biked home, went for an awesome run with Sarah, the best running buddy I've ever had, got home showered, rode my bike to meet Devon and eat Mexican food in Sunset Park with Devon's work friend Celina and daughter Michelle. That was really nice and fun, and Devon talks english like a person who speaks Spanish around them, which is cute. Then Devon and I rode back, watched a little olympic gymnastic trials, she stretched me out, and I came home, hung out for a bit and went to sleep.

A marathon of a day, people. It was amazing, I was powered by the sun! Happy belated Solstice.

Also. Nightgowns are actually awesome. Laura Alger, you are so right.
Also. Summer dresses are equally awesome, and so easy, and that's all I want to wear. I keep singing in my head "the summer dress" instead of "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra.

Friday, June 20, 2008

More on preschool and the color made in heaven..

So, this is the color made in heaven..It might actually be a little more intense than the color made in heaven, but I didn't take a picture of the color made in heaven on the hydrangea outside until a few minutes ago. So, I love this light yellow green color. The lighter the better. The hydrangea was really good about a week ago. But, yeah, isn't this the most beautiful?! The color was seriously made in heaven.

* * *

So, the school year's ending. And, it wasn't easy. But it was great. I freakin love those kids. Working with them has been irritating, aggravating, and sometimes very annoying, but it has also been filled with such love, curiosity, and fun. In that way, it's been very rewarding. These 3 year olds I had are so smart. They can't read, but they understand the world a little bit. They have wonderful imaginations and memories. I got used to complaining about my job, but the kids rule and the parents rule too, and I need to remind myself of that more. Being part of this school community and also the Clinton Hill CSA have made life here in Brooklyn feel a lot more inclusive. Which is great.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My best boy friend at school.

Today was his last day. I almost cried. Here he is with a car painted the color made in heaven, which can also be seen on the hydrangea across the street from my house. (picture coming soon, hopefully)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures that I owe yous.

So, this isn't exactly what I had in mind with putting these up, but I haven't done it yet, so I figure I'll just let you see them.

Costa Rica, what life is like 10 degrees above the equator or some shit..

Here is a brief captured history of my window boxes...with more pics to come..